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I know potatolord is no longer with us but waifu literally is just “wife” in Japanese pronunciation, ITS A ENGLISH WORD same for (please don’t censor this mods, bc this is not a bad word in Japanese and it’s just a misunderstanding >) hentai commonly in the English language used as NSFW content literally means weirdo or weird person. Proof>

and if you translate that >

Mods, seriously please don’t delete this because it is true and slap I have told you this before.
Anime is just an omission of animation. I hate people that misunderstand these kinds of stuff.

Also Grammarly is giving me a nerd emoji for the tone lol

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@MV_Penguin神561 don’t use grammarly unless you have premium, quillbot is so much better

Go make a video on that

Man both of them are gone and maybe that’s why harsh is so inactive?

opengl and directX are good 3d libraries

:shoot:Did I ask your opinion?