Who is ur top 5 best pvper

bruh vul got clapped by me 13-1

1: Angel/ barely even hit her when we 1v1ed
2: Manage/
3: That random dude i’ve never heard of but somehow beats me in a 1v1
4: L o l e r/ i’ve beaten him, but he’s still better than me.
5: DesertShadow


i beat vul 13-1 in 1v1s, he should not be #3 on that list

Idkr know many people who are better than me lol, i just put him there.

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loler should be #2 or 3


im better than loler no cap

Loler says otherwise

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im better than him the only person who can see my true self is angel bc shes worthy enough to see how i really play

I never lose to u tho…

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Lol, who is that? :laughing:

prob me

Yeah while dreaming, your always dreaming in forums about being top 2 in pvp when your not. Like ask people they wont say you are

Mr. Random