Who is ur top 5 best pvper

YES i know this has been talked about like 500 times but who is ur top 5 pvpers cannot include ur self. Ima be honest thre has been a lot of new players ive seen and super good ones but my list is

  1. Angel dont even need to say anythin
  2. harsh im prob better than him but hes still good
  3. warlord he doesnt 1v1 me but im better
  4. dev hes washed but still up there
  5. maybe cosmidragon
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Ur not better than me. Just bc i jhave a life doesnt mean im scared. I have classes each day of the week

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im way better than u

Bruh no ur not. Last time we fot u lost

Stop lying. Its actually getting really annoyong. Im better and uk it

1v1 me rn

Everyone is better than me. Except for a select few, but that doesn’t really matter
Top 5 are(not in order)
Everyone else cause Idk who to put, haven’t gotten in many pvp battles


I have so much work. Tmrw 7am pst?

ok bet

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best skin maker tho :wink:

Jasper better

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What manage said

Cosmi? I haven’t fought him yet so maybe

But my top 5 are
3. Loler

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in all of these now one adds me uhh I am really go0d tbh

  1. @Acol
  2. @Acol
  3. @Acol
  4. @Acol
  5. tie between w and @WitherKing
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idk i dont really play with many people who r on forums but literally everybody is better than me

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where am i?

aint surprised if i was forgot about


ur good but i faced better ur up there tho