Swordbattle war and invading rules

When you want to invade another country you must let me or hue know about it. You need to ask if that other country wants to fight. If they say yes you may fight. Me or hue will make a challenge that the presidents of each countries have to do. Whoever does better gets the other person’s land. If a country is in two different parts, you can choose which part you want to invade. YOU CANNOT invade all of their land. (this rule only applies to countries with two different lands) Ask questions below


wait, does this mean that if you say “no” every time, you will never be invaded?

How do alliances play into war

yeah about that if you say no 3 times in a row the next time you must say yes or else you will be kicked from your land

You may break alliances and keep them. If you go into war with a country your currently having an alliance with you will have to do a second challenge to be in war with them

Ya but I mean can an allianced place help you if you are invading or if somebody invaded


wait big brain idea can you live on the blue dot in the left corner?!

So many rules for war… @_@

I didn’t know you could just say no to a nuclear bomb…

I don’t want war! Please, no-one attack me… i’m a small country… Im useless.

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Smallest Country, lol…

Atleast I own one lol.

sadly no that planet is when there is no more space in this one.

Wanna do war >;3

question: can we make this more specialized?

so, based on the environment and lore that the territory has, the country is given points on 4 areas:

Army: Land-based attacks. The Army are more potent attackers than the Navy.

Navy: Sea-based attacks. The Navy starts strong, but the farther it travels, the weaker it gets.

Defense: If you have a higher defense, it’s essentially like saying “no”. And it doesn’t run out.

Resources: Every country gets a set amount of resources that they get every day. With these resources, you can buy stuff from the shop, like a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTRION. These WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION essentially have 50 power, and cost a lot of resources. However, there are things like the SHIELD OF MASS PROTECTION that add 40 defense.
(Shinobi decides what’s in the shop)

I wish to keep my lands neutral


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what about aerial?

uhhhhhh sure

Example for new system: Arcania
Screenshot 2023-05-16 10.41.14 AM

(the top one)

Arcania is known to be peaceful, but it is filled with powerful mages, making it a potent defender (40 defenders) . It also has a non-existent army and a weak navy, (0 army, 5 navy), but makes up for it with a strong battalion of pegasi riders (25 aerial) and enormous resource gathering potential, with PLENTY of food and gems from the crystal forest. There is also an abundance of water in the lakes, and the mountains give plenty of stone and gems. Overall,

40 defenders*
0 army
25 aerial
5 navy
30 resources per day*

*Because I have 3 members, F1NN, Fishy, and me, I get 10 extra points for each person, and i now have 50 defenders and 50 resources per day