make u a new pfp for sword battle

i have made desert shadow a pfp
I made @human a pfp
And i made @R3D a pfp
and i can make you one too
1:tell me down below that u want one(duh)
2:tell me specific stuff about it you want
3:ill make it

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Have u made any skins? Ur good at art

can you make me one?
put a dragon on it and fire erupting from the bottom

can u make one for me King crown and crossed swords in monochrome style Vector Image and can it look like that?

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Can you do the same one you did for me but with a red fox please

no i havent i use a simple websitethat provides me stuff to work with and its usally pretty ez

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i can try

sorrythats what i was origanally going for but i couldnt find any good images if u find any you could send them to me and i will make it again

can try

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everyone give me about a day to get these done

ok so i have made a japanese dragon design BUT i couldnt get a good quality fire effect without paying ten dollars a month soooooooooo and would you like a japanese dragon design or would you like me to change it

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1 small change:he wanted me to make the text circular

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you can make whatever you want as long as it looks good

ok i will be sending it rn



i know it kinda looks like a stock image but i SWEAR ITS NOT

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wow that looks good!

thx (7char limit)

@R3D if u can find a cartoony red fox that kinda looks like the firfox image(the old one ofc)that would make a great look and if you could make sure its in a circle because that will make it the easiest for me

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