make u a new pfp for sword battle

i could not find one that looked like the fire fox logo but i found this and it looked good
Red fox cartoon giving thumb up 1886176 Vector Art at Vecteezy


Red Nebula with a dark green CW and navy blue crossed swords. U can choose format but makes it nice

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ok plz send these to my dms everyone so it will be easier to get to and look at and give me around 2-3 days to get all these done i didnt think there would be this many ppl lol

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ok i may or may not be able to do something with this its just alot of ppl so if you want a redesign just give me a couple days

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:heart_eyes: make me one! :heart_eyes:

Hmm I still think mine is the best we’ll that dragon one is sick but still mine is cooler :upside_down_face:

can you make one for me

Same here. I don’t know how to change my username, but it would have to do with a wolf. If you had time could u make mine a wolf with the night sky in the back (blackish purplish).