Void Skin!

I made a new skin but Idk what to call it.
What do you think it should be called?


Void, or cloud.

me likey

Hmm tht cud be a galaxy skin just add space stuff in the backround

i like the idea of void skin

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Black hole
Dark matter
Why do i care i decide anyways…

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The universe


maybe black moon or black out

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i made one called galaxy

Not gonna lie, it kinda reminds me of that effect you get when you use chalk on a sidewalk. Idk why.

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fighter skin ur best skin

THERE ALR IS ONE and it isnt added >:| and srry harsh but this does look better but yours is less messy

You should name it the void skin or midnight moon

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i agree

it look like a void right


It seems like the most commonly said name is void so void it is!

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