Updated Skin

Recently I changed my name to bread+butter and so the skin that I made before doesn’t quite fit. I am still keeping the body but made the sword a litte better and now is has a stick of butter.

The body stays the same.
bread skin

The new sword is still a baguette but with a square of butter.
bread+even more butter-sword

hmmmm. i think itd be cooler if you added more butter


bread+more butter sword

cool. maybe one more piece at the other end? then it will look cracked. or yummy

bread+even more butter-sword

Beautiful. Perfection perfected

Thanks for the code changes @CosmicWarlord

this will be added soon

butter is better

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it would also be nice of you add butter on the roll of bread in the center

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i only gave code for cookie skin, if that works, I will give code for bread skin too. Also, who made the shoe skin