The "sea hunt"

These “sea hunters” are hunting me!!!


thats nothing I get chased by a whole crowd and I end up killing them one by one


the two tanks chased me to low health, then other player saw that I’m low health, they chased me too

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oh so it was one of those chases tell me the names so I can torture them and make their day miserable :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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it was #1 Stabbings4wwLife and #2 octopus.-.-, haha thanks

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Np I like to see my/friends enemies SUFFER MRAHAHHAHAH jkjkjk I just do it cuz 4 revenge>:)

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can u tell me if were abandoning alt acc or not?


then y dont u use it


you still have a lot to make up for tho. out of 17m xp I prob got 15m

is that bread skin?

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no cookie


first of all this is sooo old 2nd this is fake?!?
he threw a sword at the other dude

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It’s called the 2 people trying to kill him are not on team they just both are trying to kill him more I see it all the time

I agree with zarooma

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Sometimes everyone in a server chases me but if I die, it all goes into anarchy