The Rising Of "gunner is trash"

Gunner is trash is an SB player who is rising fast

and DONT think he’s good at the game because the only way he gains his coins is through the original and Common


I joined a game that reached 30K and I was killing him then he started begging to team with me

I said no
then he lied and said he follows me on the forum and replit

and know you can’t kill a follower why I’m doing this to myself
instead, I left him alone and DIDNT kill him then a few minutes later I’m at the edge of the map collecting a PURPLE CHEST then he goes huge and sped towards me, I saw him go huge and I knew he wants to kill me because I was around 160K coins so the second I say that I QUICKLY pressed the ability thing (I was vampire btw) and I run around hi, he runs towards the wall then I started killing him then he died, it took a while to see him again but he came back teaming with 3 PLAYERS :skull:
I lost because I ain’t that good yet ha

yeah so if you see him he isn’t good he’s just teaming


Shouldn’t this be in the swordbattle .io category

doesnt really matter because off topic can be anything so just to make sure I put off topic

Also we must destroy teamers

dude i just left a server with 7 teamers just now

Im gonna join 1 sec

yeah i killed him yesterday and he comes back with 3 other people and I have to run away

he likes to beg to team

life advice: don’t team with anyone who is not top 100

also this guy is a bloody coward



I’ll monitor there account and see how fast they gain ranks

hes at USA or USA 2 right now

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thanks for making a constraint now you can’t kill me but I never said that so I can kill u :smiling_imp:

what slap can’t team with me :cry: wait I don’t team with him anyway I just pretend to team and backstab :smiling_imp:
I am sorry this is my evil phase

After you killed me that one time you’re already on my blacklist so idc :slight_smile:

Oh ok than I don’t even have to act like we’re teaming than :slight_smile:

surrender or else :gun:::sword:

No thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
I will keep my weapons :slightly_smiling_face:
also this is off topic :shoot: just saying

ok we should stop :shoot:

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hes a easy target but he is kinda grinding 9 days 3 mil is kinda long time i make 2 mil or 1 mil a day