Post your skins here!

Anyone who wants to post any skin and have it added to the game, post it here. (scroll to the bottom and press “Reply”

Heart or react to skins that you enjoy. Do not post anything other than skins in this thread.

Once your skin has been viewed by staff, it will be moved to a new page. A link to the topic will be placed here. This is for further discussion about the skin and whether it should be added.

Please follow the rules of making a skin at


Post your sword and skin below (scroll down and press reply)

Once staff has viewed your skin, it will be created as a new page and it will be replaced by a link

Please don’t post anything other than skins here.


New Devil Skin has moved, click here: New Devil Skin

Just a notice for everyone before posting your skins here.

They must follow the format and rules no matter what from the rules thread (click here)

They also must not be anything from google whatsoever. 99% of the google images are RESTRICTED FOR COPYRIGHT and will not be added unless you have permission to use the image from the rightful owner.

The skin must be a circle. If its a square or ANYTHING else it will not be added (according to rules and format)

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Bird skin

Spongebob Inspired skin

Zombie skin

M4TRX skin

Music Warrior Skin

Piano Cat Skin

Light vs dark skin

Killerbot skin

Summer Warrior (Updated)

Skin by Humpy_The_Frog

Cactus skin

Epik skin


Attention all:
I wont be adding skins this week or the next due to major game fixes being made. Continue making skins and i will add them the week after hopefully

Chicken Skin

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Sus skin

Blueberry skin