Parrying in swordbattle

What is parrying?:
Parrying is deflecting another sword to defend yourself.

We should add parrying to so we can use more skill during fights. If this is added, we can defend ourselves using our swords. This means if ANGEL is trying to kill me and swings her sword but I swing my sword at the same time and they meet at the same spot, ANGEL’s attack will be parried, rendered useless, and will have done no damage

We can either use the space bar or a different keybind based on if parrying should be included in the basic hitting package or not.

Parrying will only work on hits and not thrown swords.


Please let me know what you all think below

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Ping gautam if u have an idea >:)

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simplfyed it down caues told to

  • yes it should be added because it would be a good way to up pvp and it may should allow you to stop pesky flying swords being thrown at you .

  • how i think it would work is that there would be a hot key for it and if this happens a hotkey for your main ability i fell it would be like a second ability but comes at base level and if you parry a attack the opponent has longer sword swing cool down

  • this could open up a third evol for blocking

  • i fell like these to ideas are very similar New Attack Idea

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Throwing wouldnt be able to be blocked

could it be stoped

WHt stopped

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I think that we should have a different keybind for this because:

If we follow the theme of actual swordplay, this would have a cooldown less than throwing but more than hitting.
I think it would probably be harder to put a cooldown as mentioned above within the existing space keybind for hits.
Less confusing then if you parry while trying to attack because space keybind was for both

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what if to parry you held down the mouse button, because when you do, your sword stays in and to parry you let go at the right time and swing back to parry


I like breads idea when your sword is going back you will be able to push back enemy hits

agreed. this would make combat so much fun!

But tht would be hard bc you have time it right and if u did a normal hit before and hit them they would be knocked back so no need to block. I think u should like make it that when the b key is pressed the sworddoes half a swing, stays there for a swcond and comes back for another block hit or throw

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This would disable hitting for some time/throwing and let them heal

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well this should be hard because it could save you from getting killed and losing you nice 200k or more

Wht r u saying. Wht is harf

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you said it

I said holding to release is inefficient and hard

oh i like the idea of it having cool down and hot key so it like a attack but with parrying attack affect


What did you mean it like

Intead of going from side to side like when u swing. It will stop in the middle of swing and be center of wht players facing and pointing at tht.