Officially declaring war on Nightmare Land

As of today, May 19, 2023. I am officially declaring war, as a representative for Arid Zona, on Nightmare Land. The cause for this hostility is because they have too many biomes. I tried negotiating with them but my patience has been cut short. I want to take the desert from them to keep them from being too powerful from having 5 different biomes. With this power they can easily overtake weaker countries such as Tomago. There are rumors of them attacking. I want to recruit my allies to my aid in order to keep Nightmare Land at bay and restore peace. If you help me, not only will I give you a slice of cake; :cake:, but you will also receive an IOU. I don’t intend to wipe Nightmare Land out completely, I just want to push them back a bit. In order to establish a peaceful world, we must weaken those who are too strong and help those who are too weak. A perfect balance must be maintained. (I also really just want their desert, lol)



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Then I shall prevail.

You. Will. Lose in defeat.

The loss of losing.

Good luck then. uses blockade

What’s an iou

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I owe you. I’ll help you out however you want. (As long as it’s reasonable)

Oh that’s very literal lol

Haha. I shall win. We shall win. Nightmareland shall win. I shall win. We shall win. Nightmareland will win. Watch as you lose. Watch as you suffer. Watch as you die from us. Watch as you lose. Watch as you suffer. Watch as you die from us.

Also, how would we fight or attack each other??


As Hue has stated nightmare land will be extremely powerful if we leave them to grow and as such we have officially declared war on nightmare land to prevent a large enemy from growing

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Uhhh we declare war on Nightmare land too as part of a deal with Arid zona and we are going to temporary borrow a island to attack easier with our vast military
We plan to make Nightmareland into our colony
We will give half the land to Arid Zona

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HAHAHA. We are indeed powerful. We shall win. We will grow. We will destroy. We will conquer.

Borrow an island??

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Yes, I am lending my island to aid in the seige

I’m sending my 10 troops to invade Nightmare land. (Allies, this is our moment!)

We are sending 30 navy from the island we are borrowing (so we get the full attack) and 25 ariel to nightmare (ur fine with this right @Wasd?)

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I’m all good


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wait, but hue used a blockade
that means allies AND enemies are stopped from helping