New XP and Gems System for V2

Here are my options:
100 coins = 2xp
1 kill = 15xp
1 gem = 50xp
Private room = 15 gems
Creating a clan = 100 gems
What does cosmetics mean?
Speed up boost (15 sec) = 600 coins
Invisibility (10 sec) = 1000 coins
Invisibility (30 sec) = 2750 coins
Immortality (5 sec) = 1000 coins
Also I think there should be an arena.
So players are sorted into leagues by their xp
Then they have to fight to get trophies
The higher the league, the less coins and chests there are (to make it hard)
Players cannot buy boosts while playing in the arena
They can use trophies to buy gems
1 kill = 1+ (depends on which league they are in e.g. league gets 1 trophy, league 5 gets 5) trophies (in arena only)
10 trophies = 1 gem


You want everythint too cheap, it wont work :slight_smile:


What if we call gems something else