Im on a mission

Im on a mission… to eliminate teaming from

Here’s why:

  • teamers are annoying
  • they make the game boring
  • they usually suck at the game

So join the revolution against teamers and bring back the old swordbattle

LETS DO IT. Basically team with people and betray them so nobody trusts teaming again.

First attempt


just please dont kill octopi members we mostly have good players

Heres my first attempt


Oooooh now I get why you killed me…
Okay that’s fine

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your actulally good just practice timing hits more and movment pppst dont use vampire or knight get tank then warrior


You should still be able to team with friends, but 5+ teams are bad.

you know most people who team aren’t even on this forum

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also teaming is cool for grinding and protecting you while afk

i use berserker, then vampire

i want something fast not slow

but most of the time I don’t help them fight (unless they are a friend) as I hate 2v1s


vampire is utter :wastebasket:

i like it because of its speed

but it’s so BAD :augh:

no wonder I killed you multiple times

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But isn’t knight faster?

Its ability is also much better than vampire’s.

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nope ive tested it vampire is faster

but you die faster since low health :slight_smile: and wairror has good speed though and you dont need to die from powerups of warrior if u use warriro cause vampire and knight pretty much get bullied from warriror

nah vampire is the fastest evol in the game

what? warrior is second slowest, beaten only by rook

Sadly wasn’t recording but today I killed sageee (world #9) who is a teamer.