Im bored so uh, have this meme

Im friggin bored here’s some random meme i may or may not have stolen

you play splatoon 2?

Yea its better then 3

:skull: what did you say. :skull:

I like 2 better then 3, mainly cuz stuff has good kits but i still have 3

basically all splatoons are the same but they add a different story mode, and more weapons

Shut up.
Your not a true splatoon veteran.

You have never played splatoon

its quite obvious isnt is…

I played splatoon 2


and the splatterscope is op

Im not a charger main, i use Kensa mini splatting or kensa dualies

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dont mess with me 2
how about you all shut it

cause they are all good

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No the paint roller and sniper are the best

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Not my style, I just like damage, and mobility.

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I prefer the reeflux-450 and any charger (besides gootuber)
(Note: I DO NOT TENTA MISSLE SPAM) ((most of the time))

Crap i love reeflux i got 250,000 clout with it in the fest

And a extra 16 hours of playtime


are you ok?