@codergautam should add a subscription for like 5$ a month for vip of something:
You could have a custom skin uploaded and a crown overlay on your character

  • Yes
  • No

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Why so many no’s?

bc people will just flex and showoff, people already showoff with skins-

Yea I agree with fishymine

Lol says u

Btw it’s for more revenue so this game can make more money.

True but I think the game can earn more money in a different way like 4 a example: Adding a shop that can let you buy more coins 4 people that don’t wanna work 4 their coins not gonna say any names of these people:\

Yea ok

Am bored rn :expressionless:

Me too

wanna play some

Not rn I have to go to bed


oh I still have 3 hours till i go to bed

or a bit more :thinking:

i agree too unless it will like give a bonus then maybe but overall no

How about everyone gets a boost too?

Like when some1 with vip the entire sever gets a boost

then no one would buy it they would wait for someone else and they get boost too

maybe u can buy it with in game coins?

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