I love something waayyy too much

It is………drumroll…………….swordbattle skins and I wish mine will become one but :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: it will never happen


Don’t worry maybe someday you will be better than I myself and get a skin of your own if you live up to the goal

u might make the leaderboard if u work…

You can also just make it yourself

wait a min, ur letting ANYONE get their OWN skin WITHOUT EARNING it?

Is putting in the hard work to make a decent skin NOT earning it?

they can make one but i decide which ones get added :wink:

also i usually don’t allow too specific skins

for example the “angel” skin is really generic which i like

my and mitblade skins well, we dont talk about that

So i cant have one?

Well since your popular on swordbattle (bc of leaderboard) everyone would probably buy the “ManagePasswords” skin ngl. Except I think what gautam is tryna say is the detail. I dont think he wants to have like words in it, he wants it to be cool and fun-looking.

I dont know if this is what gautam is trying to say but maybe it is? I dont know sorry

No one respects me lol. everyone repects Bread+ and ANGEL

i respect every player

mhm, u maybe, most people dont

u can just make it by reading how to make a skin post :+1:

there can be a Manage skin not manage passwords i guess

i’m pretty sure @jasper already made one for you so i will add it when i have time

YAY! :). dodododododo

no I respect u too

can i make skins for u tooo

if jasper has one idk whts the point. also, @codergautam 500k right?

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