How do I become mod? excact requirenments if possible

Pretty self explanatory. When are the mob votes? How do u apply?


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Mod elections are at random, but I’d suggest being a regular and contributing as much as you can to the community!


Mod votes are in like 3-4 months… Coder said it might be a while till he does one. Cause there is to many mods. All you need is tl3 and to be on the poll. The winner of the poll becomes a helper and works there way to mod.

Ok, here are my preferences. (will change later)

  1. Be tl3
  2. have 1k+ likes.
  3. Join in 2022
  4. Have a major community accomplishment.
  5. Be trustworthy, and don’t do anything people don’t like.
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First we need more people like ahh so many mods on at once ngl let’s me feel comfortable getting caught up in school but yeah still lots of mods

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