Hi guy's only 4 of you liked my topic

can you guy’s pls tell me some ibeas’s pls :slightly_smiling_face:


wdym by that

i wan’t to see people ibea’s

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also can u put tags that are related to the topic or swordbattle cause all of the topics u made have no relation and i had to close them


sry not to be rube if you don’t have something nice to say pls don’t reply

dude ngl post ACTUAL content cause if it was practicly any other mod/admin you would be banned already

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sry to be rude but if u dont have smtn useful to say pls don’t say it

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i will say what i want to say

I dont like WHEN PEASENTS talk back now get your scummy mouth away form me and dont come back

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nan i really don’t want to

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Its a wonder how anyone liked your topic must have been sympathy likes

I changed it to hopefully be more accurate but I don’t know what there going for

No not really

yeah most be luck i guess

then i’ll say what i think is right

ok im fine with that :neutral_face: