Forum Login Error

I tried to log onto the forum using my proxy, but it gave me this error:

Coder? can you fix?

I think coder said smth abt blocking replit proxies

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Yeah he said Replit proxy’s won’t work no more

Replit proxies no longer sorry…


Ive been using the proxy for the last 2months y dont it work now?

He did it yesterday

Well goodbye then I guess because I wont be able to get on the forum half the day : (

check dms

Buddy dont be on forum during school. Bei like me

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My teacher lets me bc of the great forum battles, actually, they’ve been watching this whole thing, and they voted in all episodes too! no they aren’t on forum…

Convince them to join game and forum at least forum

they typically play the game, not with an account, but they name themself H1:)

SO I tried a few different things and I found that I cant get on the forum from ANY other ip addresses. Im guessing it has to do with location or something, but it just wont let me have any other accounts logged in it seems

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now i cant log out

Coder I just logged in using my proxy?
For some reason, it just isn’t working on my chromebook.

our proxies my be on the same ip bcs he just whitelisted mine

He started allowing some for you in till another other way is found

I actually just recently whitelisted a few proxies, I’m confident it should let you in on all devices now.


which one