Hey guys, do u have any good suggestion for evols? Dont just give me one. and tell me what the evols are.

Should i first take tank or other evol
after that… Berserker or vampire?

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#1 tank, then warrior

#2 berserker, then knight

#3 tank, then rook

#4 berserker, then vampire

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warrior is op as hell, you can pin people against the wall and in the corner (corner is far easier and less risky to do) not to mention the heal that can save you from death. its also good at fighting multiple people.

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vampire is garbage, NEVER GET IT. Gets two shoted by warrior abli and leech is useless (poor vampire needs a buff) Only thing its good at is pure speed


they need to add this it was my idea btw

warroir probly you can go big hit sombody while going where there flying to then keep going and pnce ur close throw ur sword at them while still going towards them

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