Dev3x skin?

Do you think it is good? Does it meet all of the requirements @codergautam ?


i looks…

it has all the requirements but it…

Finish yo sentence

it looks what

looks complicated?

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wdym complicated?

wrong choice of words… i think it uses just one color. maybe add more color to the skin?

hmm. idk. i kinda just liked it black and white with a bit of color in the middle


it looks super cool

thank you

I like the design and color but people without color won’t know what dev is. Maybe find away to combine three Devil skins into one?

maybe you could add a smirking face (your pfp) in the background of the skin

maybe. ill think about it

wdym devil?

The red one with horns. Maybe triple the horns and and change some colors


yeah it maybe looks better

Love the sword. For the skin my only “complaint”(not sure of the best word) is that it says “dev” in it. Try and get rid of all text and make it just design? I think just removing the text would make it look really cool.

alright, thanks!