CuRsEd Skin

CuRsEd SkIn

This is my skin for, it is called “CuRsEd”.
I have attached a figma link for easy and high-quality download.


Can you make the player and sword in separate images

hey @ANGEL the skin has this image in it is it still good Fantasy green lightning, abstract electrical background Stock Illustration | Adobe Stock


Idk probably has copyright in it.

I just got a notification idk why but it is copyrighted and not for commercial use.

ok now im gonna go figure out why my phone is getting all of these notifications even though its disabled


good luck

But I am not “selling” these skins as in charging for real money

On the page it says unlimited web views so I assume it’s fine?

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No he’s good he used Figma and he sent the link to it

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So is legitimate?

I don’t know waiting for fishy response. I think it’s fine.

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Fishymine sent me private message it is copyrighted won’t be added unless you make chaanges

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Cursed Skin v2

This is the second version.


I think we can do this right @Fish

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Well technically your allowed to, and it was confirmed that your allowed to use it for commercial use by their own policy.

I wont make any promises though, but I think its safe to add :+1:

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Alr then

Thank you so much! When can I see the skin in the game?

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One day…

three days ago :sob:

Lol it will come out one day is wht i meant