Break in general

I havent honestly been on this fourm for a long time. so cant really say ive been here for like a long time but still.

Just felt like the game hasnt been as much fun as it first was to me imo. I dont want to leave completely tho, just idk if im gonna be here as much.

EDIT: Meant to say this last night, this applies more to the main game of SB not much the forum.
EDIT 2: Grammar stuff

TL;DR: Taking a bit of a break, dont want to fully leave though.

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u better not leave me behind …


im not going to dw, i dont want to leave anybody behind or like forget. srry if it came off as that.

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yeah, the game can be repetitive at times. it’s harder for me to stay interested bc of my autism, but i’m trying my best!!


Yeah, I think thats good :). I was gonna say something but it was like exactly what you said lol

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not gonna lie i left for like 1 month or 2 but come back later if smth new is there it may get you back in


Yeah I think V2 or a new update would be something new ngl. yk tho


the only thing fueling my determination is to collect all skins


go for it man