Boosting acc

hi im a swordbattle player along as a Community person i boost up anyone acc for free no dumb stuff im a real person and i wont steal accs just boosting just text me if u need boost


check pms

what does boost mean?


increase ur xp and give u coins basically he grinds in ur acc

i dont trust other people with my 13 mill coins

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oh nvm i have 23 mill ok im fine

Boost me to 1 billion in one week

Only u or W can do that

Would that be possible?
Iā€™ll do the math later.

how much xp are we talking ?

Let me checkā€¦
700 Million.
(Also congrats @Acol for 300 mill!)

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Did the math, itā€™s not possible. Even if you do spend the whole week grinding non-stop (168 hours), you would need to grind 700,000,000/168 = 4,166,667 xp per hour, or 69,444 xp per minuteā€¦ good luck with that CACA :slight_smile:


I would like to mention that sharing accounts can cause issues. The main problem is sharing accounts risks a visible email

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yeah trusting a random person a forum that looks trustable but really a not so trustable, can cause issues

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