Black Hole skin by Frumpy and Devin

This is the Black hole skin,
and I want this skin as 500k
Untitled (54)
Untitled (52)
the king of portals THANK YOU _MV_Frumpy.
For all of ur help.



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This skin is fire, I would def buy it. @gautam



ita also by me btw slap

You made this?

he made most of the base skin and sword i just made it neon and made edges cleaner

are they going to be puting it in?

umm arnt i the black hole skin dude my profile pic is a black hole and i have made 3 versions

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ik i wanted to make one and then i was about to post it but then i saw urs
So i asked for help to make mine better than i had it but ur IS SOOOOOOOO FRICKEN COOOOOOOOOOol


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banger 9/10



This is literally frumpy’s lazerblade skin


tf u tokin bout boi its way different

no its not???

they r so much diff andplus its laserfoil

could we do a pole to see if this could be added please?

You’ll have to wait and see if manage will add it.

slap ur trusted level 3 now!!!