Badges Instead of Skins

I am making this request, partially because of Manage Passwords, but also because I think it could be a good change. With the new evolution update, the class’s skin is shown over whatever you had originally and this makes buying skins mostly pointless, because you can’t have them if you choose to evolve. If there were another way to show the skins, for example badges, then it would make more sense again. Leave your thoughts on this topic, or any other ways this could be implemented down below.

  • keep skins
  • make badges
  • other (comment below)

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Well, I’m not sure what to do, I think the skins look cool, but I don’t like the fact that people lose their hard earned skins after 5k. but not sure what you mean by badges @Octopi_bread . Can you elaborate?


After talking with mit we’re gonna make it so that the sword is the one you bought but the skin will be the class skin.

I will replace the images in shop with swords, hope that is ok.


yes I completely agree, I was going to mention keeping the sword/weapon for the skin, but what I meant by badges was that some sort of badge/icon would appear by your name in-game, but I actually do like keeping the weapons better. The skins are really cool though, so maybe you could add some sort of overlay to show the evolution instead? Or, and this would require a lot of work, you could make a custom skin for each evolution on each skin. Either way, I think something should change and these are just a few suggestions.


Yeah, the custom evolution + skins was my initial idea, but that will be too much work on the artists sadly

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Can u tell me who
are the artists?

@gautam this is a topic already abt badges instead of skins(you asked mollthecoder to make a separate one)
Also were you playing yesterday…?

Imagine now with so many skins…

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