I’m sorry if I made myself look bad everyone last night was just a big understanding. I’m not a mean/toxic person, and I’m so happy that you all were saying so many positive things about me when I got banned. Like some of them were “I will miss sketchxcoding”, “SketchxCoding was sooo nice to me!” There is one person I really want to thank for letting me stay with you all, and that is @codergautam and all the moderators :smiley: So, thank you so much. I love you all as a community, and this community is the best community I’ve ever joined. When we get more new people here this community will grow and persuade, @codergautam. Codergautam deserves this community, he’s brought us this far :smiley: Once again thank you all so much for saying nice things about me, and letting the moderators let me stay with you all. You all make me so happy, and I’m proud I can make your days as well as you make mine. So now we all shall go swording into are next game am I right?! :person_fencing: :crossed_swords:


We love you too :wink:

I literally want to say the same thing

wht did u do?

Screenshot 2022-09-26 7.14.45 PM