AI diy Freddy part 2 (no more bookbag)

To construct a Freddy FNAF animatronic with a human-compatible chest cavity, adhere to these comprehensive steps:

  1. Draft the blueprint: Develop an elaborate design of the animatronic, focusing on the chest cavity dimensions, the opening/closing mechanism, and maintaining stability while accommodating a person inside.

  2. Select suitable materials: Opt for lightweight yet durable materials capable of supporting a human in the chest cavity, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, or high-strength plastics.

  3. Assemble the frame: Construct a sturdy skeleton according to your blueprint using the chosen materials.

  4. Incorporate servos for lifelike movements: Attach servo motors to vital joints (e.g., hips, knees, shoulders, elbows) to enable fluid and natural motions.

  5. Install exterior shell: After setting up the frame and servos, fabricate an outer skin resembling Freddy Fazbear using techniques like foam sculpting or 3D printed panels for simplified assembly.

  6. Create chest cavity entry mechanism: Design and incorporate an efficient method to open and close the chest cavity, such as hydraulic pistons or servo-driven latches.

  7. Set up control systems: Situate controls (joystick, buttons, touch screen) within the chest cavity so operators can easily manage Freddy’s movements when inside.

  8. Connect electronics: Properly link all servos and control mechanisms to ensure seamless operation.

this is from a new A.I

Chest Dimensions: The chest measures 36" wide, 48" high, and 24" deep for comfortable person fit.

Opening/Closing: Hydraulic split doors open like wings, connected to sturdy central hinges. The control system synchronizes door movement and limit switches ensure safety.

Stability: To ensure stability, the animatronic’s feet have a weighted base with a low center of gravity. Four retractable support struts add extra stability.

Harness System: Adjustable internal harnesses secure a person inside, with quick-release mechanisms for emergencies.

This is so ppintless. Why r u doing this

its not pointless

im doing this you know what idk why im doing this i just like making stuff and fnaf so i thought this would be fun and i kinda really dont know why i want to build this

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I can’t because of the word limitation on the website

bcz the word limitation is 6,000 words and I’m going up to like 1 million

plus a scraped the whole bookbg idea bcz if i just make a freddy i can put my bookbag in the chest cavity

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ok good idea