80 Million xp! :]

I hit 80 mil today


how do you tell how much xp you have?

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good job

Screenshot 2022-11-02 7.19.59 PM
you have less then i thought

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GIve me a few weeks and i will be top 10

we will see lol

we will see xD

if you give me a week i wont move much XD

bruuuuhhhh stfu


Screenshot 2022-11-02 7.31.10 PM

like i said give me a few weeks xD

lol u need 2 or 3

your lacking xD

bruh thts angel’s occ.

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i know do u like it?

shes rich, very rich

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go to swordbattle.io/ your username
for example, I am swordbattle.io/La%20Villa
(%20 is just a space bcs urls cant have spaces)

no u wont

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