Guys i beat angel in a 1v1. naturally she wont admit so she said she was going “nice baby mode”

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really I had a gut feeling that you would post a topic about this

but next time you won’t be so lucky

i told u id post abt it… also to be fair I did have SLIGHT advantages. the best part is tht i didn’t use powerup even once and before the fight angel thot I wudnt even survive let alone kill her

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huh i don’t remember telling me about you were going to post about this topic
And plus am still bored:\

am thinking who to torture next that are not teaming with me but all of them are just too easy to kill

i saw this happen and i killed angel and i gave the final blow

angel if you are bored great because it means people are scared of you as they think you are dangerous

But am not dangerous am nice when you get to know me:(

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U stole my kill but she’s was done. I was about to enlarge and final blow but u did it

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@Angel Wanna Play now?

torture acol


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nice, i cant beat her even when the music was on, for some reason

yo cosmicwarlord gonna be #1???

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Nope. Just bc u beat someone doesn’t mean it better than them. U have to factory multiple things


Yea that’s true @CosmicWarlord but only if am upset ill start playing 4 real

just admit im skilled too

oh ok didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

@ANGEL I think you think too highly of yourself be being good in game that created to killing time, i dont hate you or smth but you strange.