Xp level formule

Well… i told about players lvl(for all xp that player have), you can make that bigger using 25/3 and etc. Im bad at math, just looks how it looks in xp board - Tibia - Free Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - Library

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Ohhh I see so this is XP to Level Formula?

that’s interesting but what should the levels do?

skin classes…

Funky cubic expression

Lets back to this topic

So instead of hard coding the levels they will go like this?

How about the evols

Uh, i spoke about total levels(It should be depending on total XP)

And what should those levels do?

There is a lot of variants:

  • Skins per 10 levels
  • Rewards
  • Achievemets
  • Or for beggining it just will show your level ingame and on leaderboards" (Level in circle embleme)(Player’s Nickname)
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Evols can be based on levels or u can use reverse equation to find when x is your preferrred amount of coins

Nonono ingame level formula is okay, im telling about Global level, or Account lvl idk


i like it

I like the idea but I think it iwll be confusing to players if there are 2 levels

Why 2? Ingame level resets every time you die, I dont see thr problem

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i think thats it:

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@codergautam is the coins drop formula ever going to be changed? it’s capped at 20k right now and I know I came up with a logarithmic formula a while ago for that, but will that ever change?


ar thos the vars for X?
if so we should calculate x by

from math import sqrt
skins = int(input('s='))
levels = int(input('l='))
rewards = int(input('r='))
achievements = int(input('a='))
beggining = False
if beggining:
  E = 0 # because x == 1
  x = round(2*sqrt(skins/levels)*(rewards+achievements))
  E = abs(round(50/3*(x^3-6*x^2+17*x-12)))


x 20
E 4983

sry i just like py

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What is this for?

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why would you need a logarithmic formula formula for coin drop?
couldnt you do somthing like while coinsinarea > lowrange and coinsinarea < hirange: coin.place(randomx,randomy)? altho i dont know how the games code is set up

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