Xp level formule

I long though about this and remembered about the legendary mmo Tibia and want to suggest this formule for future update(If this update will be relased, anyway):

is tht ur math hw u want us to solve for you?

This is finished formule and its not mine.

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noice, do you mean formula?


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Interesting, but how do I calculate X?

algebraic expression. isolate x

Smh it’s not even an equation what are you saying

who sed im a man. also it is equation

Uh huh more like an expression

same thing no one cares

:exploding_head: how could you

prepares for rant

who does care tho, except maybe math teachers

You know most of this game uses math to work, and I do care, and i’m not a math teacher

you are a math teacher

i am a coder

and also math teachers have a life you know

it’s not like they’re the only people who like math

they teach math because they think it’s important to us

if they don’t think that they are a bad teacher imo

you code math teachers