Wimbledon started a few days ago! Who’s watching it?

New poll!

Are you watching Wimbledon?
  • I am!
  • I’m not!
  • Kind of (A few matches but not really)
  • What’s Wimbledon?

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Old poll data somehow got deleted…


@FishyMine, @CosmicWarlord … Have you ever heard of tennis?

Wimbledon is the largest tennis competition/tournament in the world. It takes place yearly in London.

oh cool! I dont think im able to watch it as im in america though

u prob can on utube

I imagine the big channels will be showing it. I don’t know what they are in America, but given how popular it is, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Not the results I was expecting at all! Only 2 people know what it is! (and one is me)


i was gonna say im not but the poll closed lol

Yeah, I accidentally made it close, meant to disable that :expressionless:

EDIT: remade the poll

i actually am able to watch it, on peacock and other stuff. except i dont have peacock

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Never heard of Peacock. Assuming it’s just a US thing. The main one in England is BBC.

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BBC can also be watched in US, peacock is a tv software where you can watch tv, movies, etc


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i get at least one peacock ad every day LMAO