Who is better

  • Creator of swordbattle
  • Acol
  • Angel
  • Cosmic Warlord

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Angel i voted for u , vote for me. NO ONE PICK GAUTAM


i vote manage passwords

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Cosmic ofc


Avol i will vote for you to soon

i voted 4 u cosmic

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@codergautam rip

can i be an option?

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Sorry only pros and creators


i would choose @ANGEL , @SliceAnd_DiceTheReal, @Sea, and @Kitty118

No I mean like oG pros

if they were on there, i would choose them
who would you choose??

  • kitty118
  • Sea
  • Slicetherreal

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im not og lol, for a person on the leaderboard I’m pretty new. only 5 people on xp leaderboard are younger than me


Loll. By young i mean days since joined have

Yea I think am the oldest on leaderbored cause I made my acc 181 days ago and thats 3 days apart when sowrdbattle.io was made but I think I have been playing since day1 cause I never made my acc when I first started to play but am not sure

Pretty interesting to listen to swordbattle history but sleeping already Lmho

Cosmic Warlord: don’t vote for gautam


@TheUnknown are you saying that am a old swordbattle.io player🙁

If you take that offensive then no but if you don’t then yes.:rofl::rofl::rofl:jkjkjk
No you are not old your like Kareem Abdul jabbar but not yet retired.