Which planet do you live on?

Earth 007 (The cool looking first planet that has details by Hue). Slayer 007(the ugly planet that I made after the first one)
Remember you could only choose one planet. Hue decides what goes on 006 and I decide on 007. There are differences in the planets. 007 there are only two types of attacks and 1 weapon. Attack 1 are close range sword dealers. A group of soldiers that uses swords from close range. Attack 2 are long range sword dealers. A group of soldiers that throw swords from far distances. For 006 Faraway_Flame has made a topic about the soldiers.

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006! Who’s with me!

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The green and blue one…

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If you can only choose one then 006.



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Gliese 1214 b


Why do you know these things?
also I have artophobia now

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too bad this died :cry: