What's up?

@Acol what did dev3x do wrong?

Killed, ignored, continue killing, said me to die and that im as@@@le

acol, wht did i do, stop killing me

Team up with devex and dominate on me

I want to delete my account again, everyone just fcking hate me, but nobody worrys that devex didnt even tried to speak, he just ignored me and still ignore.


Hey, it’s alright. Ignore them. They’re just jealous that you’re higher on the leaderboard than they will probably ever get. You can also refresh the swordbattle.io game page and join new servers just so nobody like devex are being harsh to you anymore.

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I know I ignore randome people that say me something bad(and this looks fun for me) but i though that dev3x was my friend…

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@dev3x C’mon come apologize to @Acol

Acol, i thot i were frend but u keep killing me


I dont hate u

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