What Skins should I make?

Hello guys I am Wither, aka DeadWither. I am an Artist in swordbattle.io and DeadWither is my username in Discord and the game itself.
I was only away from a long time. (Exams and revision). I do have exams but I am free as well. Reply for any good skin ideas.

Btw, reply here. I am not that active in Discord nowadays


Hmm i think maybe a knight skin cause many people want the skin to be added to swordbattle.io


You could make a sea or water skin, with a trident sword.


kabuki mask warrior

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I think I will do that

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Spartan? With a spear as a weapon please


maybe thor? weapon will be mjolnir ofc.


make a summer skin. kind of like winter but instead of a top hat like a cap. also instead of icicles as the sword make it like a ray of sunshine or smtn


Nice idea

just a starter! Should I just give this or update it?

hmmm. Ok i will try

No idea what that is

try using some other colors, its very… yellow

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maybe use orange or red too kinda looks like the name would be “Sun”

search it up

To elaborate:

make the sword like a normal sword except yellow. By normal I mean the symmetrical shape that is standard in swordbattleio (with the exception of scythe)

make the standard hilt for the sword which is brown with a flat top. At the bottom of each hilt there is a ball, instead of the normal ball, make the sun that you have put where the flattop goes at the bottom instead as the ball

yk the hats people wear to screen from sun when its hot? add that in the center so like winter skin but not exactly

try to blend yellow into orange and then into red as you get farther from the center to add some more colors and also give the impression it is heating up

those are my suggestions
I really like it so far tho

How about this then?

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or this?

Or this where the sword looks molten …

I like the last one best, y don’t you ask boss man

i think u should add more detail to teh skin itself rn its just red orange and yellow (not talking about sword