What skin is your favorite?

Comment your fav skin! Mine is codergautam skin (ofc i cant afford)


The skin of the bald man

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mine is assassin almost affordable


My skin ofcourse

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sea skin


prbly coder skin just cuz the sword is cool

sword is cool tbh

How about my trident

its fire

what does u mean fire and what thing are u describing?

im just saying ur trident is really cool


Which Skin Do You Like? in swordbattle.io

  • Default Skin
  • Neon Skin
  • Vortex Skin
  • Fox Skin
  • Spring Skin
  • Hacker Skin
  • Bread Skin
  • Chef Skin
  • Ninja Skin
  • Sea Skin
  • Medic Skin
  • Winter Skin
  • ANGEL Skin
  • Devil Skin
  • Cookie Skin
  • Mitbald Skin
  • Scythe Skin
  • Coder Gautam YT Skin
  • Assasin Skin

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wow i wonder what mine is

I dont know why my assasin skin have alot of likes thatnthe ultimate sea

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