What are all these new names?

What’s sk?


I thought you were apart of our clan hamm…

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ohhhh okay can someone close this topic please?

Temporarily, I’m not gonna change my name bc of that


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So far, you’re more honorable than :nauseated_face: guc- :nauseated_face: Gucci- :nauseated_face: Gucci gang :face_vomiting:


Oh clans and mine is Gucci im just not changing my forum user

oi wth

clans lol join xen

wtf hamm

xen better


I HATE Gucci ganag

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another overrated clan

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but xen and gucci gang are allies

Y’all shouldn’t be, just take them out rq, none of them are good so it’ll be easy

eh ig but idk

you dont know half the people on my clan same with you @vul if you want war just say it