welp alr made a topic about leaving but before i go..

Its simple.
I don’t quite feel like im needed in this sword battle community and there’s proof:

  1. wtf 101 new things and no replies?
  2. i get at most 10 replies in my topics yet i get 50 views
  3. i didnt think many people cared that i left they just thought “oh well another friend down the drain anyway lets see what dumb challenge i can do in swordbattle”

Don’t Read The Tags


bye i guess :sob: u were my 2nd follower and stuff bye

We’ll miss you man :frowning:

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Oh right so im remember by being a follower


no you made really good posts and stuff (also i look at every new posts every day)

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and skins

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ok then u have a problem there are a few hundred

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i know but there are at most 30 topics everyday that are posted and i check all of them

ahhhhhh lucky

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yea i check it every few hours when im bored

@CK.cosmidragon Don’t leave!

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Without me :troll:

My last words are (:gabon:)

oof so many people leaving :frowning:

u were a great rival goodbye old friend

Good job let me help you there

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Dang… Farewell i’ll miss u @CK.cosmidragon


I got a question who will take over ur acc?

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bye cosmidragon! see you on the other side!


Processing: download.jpeg…


I’ve been TROLLED

bye remember you :slight_smile: