We are on google guys



when google ads


at least not for forums

i dont want to monetize it

edit: at least not yet…

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oh i meant for the actual game

there are ads in the game

you probably use an adblock

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do u still earn money even if the ad is blocked for me?

where am I i only see acol and you @codergautam

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lol wht abt me, also ive seen that before, I’ve even used the link smtimes

i still make money from other people

i only get paid if you see the ad

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maybe i should watch more of the ads…(instead of using a ad blocker)

sorry because i have an ad blocker

same here

would be appreciated, but i make enough money so i realy don’t care

thanks and sorry for that

np lol

doesnt matter, the day i read this post, my adbblocker started glitching, it would try to load the add and say loading THEN skip to the game

how much do you make?

use an adblock detector

Not going to tell how much I make,

and no I don’t want to force people to disable adblocker


adblockers are overrated

Adblocker Ultimate: :sob: