Wave 2 ranking forms + Wave 1 winners

The winner of the first three forms is…

CoderGautam with an average of 8.47/10

    Dev3x was second with 8.18/10
    mitblade was last with 6.29/10
The best at pvp is...

Dev3x with an average of 7/10

    Gautam had second with 5.75/10
    Mitblade had last with 4.67/10
The nicest is...

Dev3x with an average of 9/10

    Coder had second with 8.25/10
    Mitblade had last with 6.33/10
And finally, the most helpful is...

CoderGautam with an average of 9.5/10

    Dev3x got second with 8/10
    Mitblade got last with 7.32/10

Anyway, wave 2 time!
Vote for cosmic: https://forms.gle/dteGiMBnxJWGTT3m9 (the links wont work help)
Vote for Angel: https://forms.gle/vp5wworJPX5p8s196
Vote for Fish: https://forms.gle/CDYV7XmGgpcM7foCA

me who put 10 for every single one
people mustve put some low scores…

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Poor Mitblade, only got last


he never deserved last ;(


I wonder who will win this time :thinking:

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start wave 3!

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Not until tomorrow

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Angel I bet