Warrior Class Idea and Image

(I promise I won’t go crazy with starting topics but I’ve been thinking this for a while)
This is…
The Warrior!
It’s the plain old average class evo for people who don’t like specialization (or choices), as its name and default-esque appearence suggests. Here are the stat multipliers (1.00 being the default)
Speed: 1.05
HP: 1.15
Damage: 1.10
Regen Speed: 1.10
Scale (Size):1.15
Attack Cooldown: 0.95 (this means attack speed up)
Resistance: 2 (I think this stat decreases KB bc it’s 2 on tank and 1.1 on berserker)

The warrior’s only special traits aside from its minor increase in those stats is that it has a second and a half of extra ability duration. Said ability would give it no regen wait time and immunity to knockback (NOT DAMAGE) for the duration of the effect.

No sword skin 'cuz this is a class idea. If it needs to get 2nd-level evos, I have some concepts in my back pocket.


if u go to the github code, under the file classes and then under the file evolutions, u can find stats

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people would choose the other classes bc they are more op though

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@ManagePasswords @Fish
now that the dumb reply limiter is gone, i’m happy to say that i’ve heard both of you and will edit the main message shortly.
it’s done. go look

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@SliceAnd_DiceTheReal Hi

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Are the stats for ability ability time or normal?

cool idea i like it

normal, ability raises resistance (i think it would be resistance at least) to a comically large amount and makes regen timer (time between getting hit and regening) 0