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I think I should change my name! What do you guys think! and if you guys want to what name should I change it to?? And also my pfp? If @HazardYT won’t make my pfp… Cuz he’s really good at making them!


Here’s what you have to reply about : New Name (Both forum and sword) , Pfp If @HazardYT won’t make my pfp… Cuz he’s really good at making them!

Notes : You can create a pfp for me if you want!

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hazard has not been active last time i checked there was some drama so i dont know what has become of them but if mods or other users can remember they know why i dont think he will come back

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I think Hazard quit because of school.

He is in court now :skull:
From weed drama :smoking:

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No i remeber when he came in


Yeah wasn’t gonna say it but yeah

Ok that’s alright but are you even interested on what i’m even saying?

yes and it up to you to change your name

@SpiffyCayden if he aint baned makes some pfps to

yeah… he banned.

wait yeah how come all the pfp makers are banned or inactive?

I mean… I make pfps for people who ask for them

Me :slight_smile: Saturn!

Yeah :slight_smile:

cause they caused a ruckus and made some trouble

what about mason1.5?

He never did anything bad, but he made one of those posts and went inactive

Was he the unknown dude who changed name? But yeah most ether where baned or stoped cause of all the request

@Mason1.5 nope check the profile

Okay yeah diffrent dude but his bio said supposed to be doing school so we can assume he got caught up in school work

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