Upgraded General (no such thing as "off topic")

Sandels in the snow???

…Wouldn’t that hurt a little?

i love sandals, but i think crocs are a little better because it covers more of your feet and its less painful

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Nike is the best one according to you guys

This is like a new general chat

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“New and improved?”

yup, totally!


Yeah, a little lol XD

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Welcome to the new upgraded verson of general

this also shouldn’t be a thing this is completely useless because this will get auto bumped and coder will close it. And, the notifications are just gonna be a issue. You could just make a private group chat and add the people who don’t want to go off topic to join your group chat. I’m not trying to be mean or get you all to hate me it’s just the truth. @HarshitT do you agree?


Harsh would always agree because he loves shutting down my stuff xD

if your bored Give skins ability vote here

hmmmm i do agree, but we would need to get the ppl’s names to get them in the chat


Ig I like puma but puma MB.01s are amazing

everyone get on the Europe server and team.