Unofficial SB lore 4: Evos now vs. then [fixed]

you can view the first here and the third here

A long, long time ago, evos were much different. but what caused the change?

In the land of swordbattle, shortly before the invention of fighting, there was only one evolution, an evolution to end all. This evolution granted both speed and size. however, after the fighting began, a certain doctor, Dr. Cosmic, thought that the evolution was too overpowered. This led to several days of working in Dr. Gautam’s lab without his consent. The first thing he did was make a samurai class, which actually proved to be too unstable. this caused the samurai to be scrapped. eventually, there was a berserker class and a tank class. after the samurai was replaced, there was an outrage. People rioted, so Dr. cosmic upgraded them, making the rook, warrior, knight, and vampire. Many were content, but many were not. it is still debated today by many players wether or not this was the right choice.

what do you think the right choice was? anyway, give me feedback, thank you all for enjoying the lore, Toodles! :]


good choice adding the tank and berserker, but he should have kept the samurai


I think it sucks and has a major problem with the small aount of anime and goddess’s

Yeah cosmic needs to do better smh


it’s swordbattle, not one piece or some thought you caught me lackin eh?

BLAH one peice is bad Blahhhh

your opinion is bad lol

Your one to be talking

Gotta stay on topic, bucko

I remember the good old days where there were no evols:)


Angel predates tons of lore confirmed!?!?!?!?!!?!

Yo @codergautam, think this could be canon? just asking again because of the new lore bit release

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Yea it was sometimes fun with no players

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it was? have you not played eu early in the morning or late at night?

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Yea but its kinda inconvenient

umm i like it but i don’t because it reminds me abot max one of my nemeises

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fair enough

but a great story

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awww thanks

Samurai was after berserk and tank