Type Here What are your biggest fears irl

My biggest fear is​:spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider::spider:

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Mine is when one of my game dies


honestly probably social phobia

u know y am very scared of spiders?


watch this u will understand y am scared The Giant Enemy Spider (meme) - YouTube

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do u understand now?

oh god

ay @codergautam how to get background

im using a school chromebook rn
and the video for the giant enemy spider is blocked :neutral_face:

what school do u go to

that β– β– β– β– β– :\ its funny the vid

Same, thats my biggest fear.

word got blocked

I hate when it dose that:|

so u can express rage at chromebooks?

Indeed i have lots to say

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dont need to hear that c r a

hol up

wanna play a little on usa 2