Trying to glitch out of the map. DAY 1: seeking

me and my friend have set a goal to reach outside of the map barrier, here are our strategies.

  • we try to use the tank method, where we become big and try to carry the player outside of the map
  • we stay in a corner and then we have a berserk push us out

honestly idk if this is gonna work we’ll think of more methods.

write down some methods that can work, and ill see which ones can work.

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Hm well you might need a bersker and a NOTHER tank to grow big in a attempt to push you as well

i had done it before already and how to do it is when you glitch in a corner then you become afk than join in the same lobby and you might see your other you outside the map

@ANGEL u have to do alt acc now tht ur first :slight_smile:

@ANGEL Want to play?

sure meet me usa sever


Where’d you go?

nvm sorry kitty but now am busy ill tell you when I can play again ok?

ok, I have only one hour of free time left though.